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"Full of strong build ups, gritty vocals and catchy riffs that will stay in your head for days… Capturing an energy and passion for music in a prog-rock style that seems similar to some of the great bands from the past"

- Simply Videos Blog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Scottish Musician Tom Adamson is an energetic, multi-instrumental performer not to be missed. Often leading the band from behind his Drumkit.

Whether it's performing on TV... supporting Sister Sledge and Toploader in London... or regualrly commanding people onto their feet at his residency gig in Camden... Adamson is making a name for himself not just in London, but throughout the UK.

High profile performances include award winning TV like The Crown on Netflix, E4's Made in Chelsea (UK & USA Broadcasting), Performing on ITV, and even performances for HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

Adamson's album 'Medium Eyes, Blue Build' was launched to a packed out audience at at Edinburgh's Ghillie Dhu (watch here) and London's Zigrid Von Underbelly (watch here), with the 'Medium Eyes, Blue Build' UK tour including the Islington Assembly Hall in London suporting Toploader, Clackmannanshire, Bristol, Norwich and Birmingham.

Adamson's album 'Old View of the New World' was released to glowing reviews, and featured on radio stations throughout the UK and USA. Click here to see all the videos in the studio and solo performances from the album.


Most recently Adamson has been back in the recording studio recording his next studio album. Due to be released in the second half of 2024.

It wil feature: Jamie McCredie (Guitar), Kevin Glasgow (Bass) and Laura Williams (BV's)

"Tom Adamson’s new project is sure to impress rock listeners and leave a lasting impression that will not be easily forgotten."

- RADAR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"[See the Light is] A fine slab of Jazz tinged Classic Rock"

- Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio


"For all of the fans of Deep Purple, here is yet another album that will sit within your greats collection. When exploring albums these days, it is a given that any new piece of work will never be able to sit by the great bands from back in the day as the industry and work have changed so much. In this case, the new album ‘Old View of The New World’ is an exception."

- Best Music Online Blog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"[on] ‘Waiting For Life To Begin’ the band are as tight as a gnat’s chuff...But I would point you in the direction of ‘Sail On The Wind’ where fans of the guitar solo will be dampening their trousers and ‘Just Another Way To Make A Friend’ whose swamp-blues has McCredie’s howling guitar to the fore and an Alan Price-alike Hammond solo to savour."

- Alan Jones, Get Ready to Rock! ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

"Well hello Mr. Tom Adamson, where have you been hiding my darling? What a track!

...I am slightly in love, this is 'Old View of the New World'...

go and check him out on Spotify"

- JJ Kane FRSA, Radio Presenter

"It’s a safe bet that this is an album worth taking note of.

‘See the Light’, gives us the first glimpse of [Adamson's] vocals, which match the quality and tone of the music beautifully – giving the album some pace, it’s another track that is filled with prog-rock sensibilities that keep you hooked... [and] the album’s namesake, ‘Old View of the New World’, shows us just how good this album is."

- MyDadRocks Blog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"[The title track] ‘Old View of the New World, solidifies the album as a real gem."

- No1Music Blog ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"What a delightful and unexpected discovery...

It is well written and performed. The fifteen tracks on offer here all have a degree of charm that really draws the listener into the music... A fine album with lots to enjoy and I shall definitely enjoy doing just that for a while to come."

- Andy Snipper, Blues Matters! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Adamson can also be heard singing lead vocals on the play-along tracks for the Trinity Rock Grades new syllabus, CLICK HERE to watch.


Q & A:

Favourite Band:

Deep Purple (Mk2 & 3)

First Gig:

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Supported by Peter Green & the Splinter Group

Next Ticket is to see:

Robert Plant

Current album in heavy rotation:

Year of the Dark Horse by The White Buffalo

Top 20 live gigs (in no order):

Steely Dan, Omar Sosa, Rainbow, Chick Corea Trio,

Prince, Oscar Peterson, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Tool,

Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band,

Tedeschi Trucks Band, King Crimson, Tom Petty, Toto,

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Gary Burton, Joe Walsh,

The Mars Volta.

Would love to have seen live:

Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple (Mk2 & 3), Uriah Heep (with David Byron),

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Art Tatum, Thelonious Monk, Cozy Powell.

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Tour Dates

2025 Dates:

29th Nov - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

17th Oct - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

2nd Oct - Hereford (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

26th Jul - Teddington (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

28th Jun - Wiltshire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

21st Jun - Kent (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

14th Jun - Gloucestershire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

18th May - Epping (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

3rd May TBC - Salisbury (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

13th Apr - Northampton (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

4th Apr - The Caledonian Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

1st Feb - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

25th Jan - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

24th Jan - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

23rd Jan - Shrivenham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

18th Jan - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

16th Jan - The Caledonian Club, London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

2024 Dates:

31st Dec - Dorset (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

29th Dec - Farnham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

21st Dec - Ceilidh Club, Queens Gate House, London [Tickets]

30th Nov - Northamptonshire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

9th Nov - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

8th Nov - The Caledonian Club, London

2nd Nov - Ceilidh Club, Queens Gate House, London [Tickets]

27th Oct - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

26th Oct - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

25th Oct - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

10th Oct - Corsham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

5th Oct - Dorking (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

28th Sep - Growler Stop Taproom, Dartford

27th Sep - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

21st Sep - Farnham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

14th Sep - Luton (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

13th Sep - West Midlands (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

31st Aug - Isle of Wight (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

24th Aug - Edenbridge (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

23rd Aug - Canterbury (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

17th Aug - Henfield (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

16th Aug - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

3rd Aug - Wiltshire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

27th Jul - West Malling (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

26th Jul - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London [Tickets]

20th Jul - Camberley (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

14th Jul - Elmore Court, Gloucestershire (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

13th Jul - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

12th Jul - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//


30th Jun - Woking (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

29th Jun - Tadley (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

29th Jun - High Wycombe (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

22nd Jun - Cookham (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

20th Jun - Weybridge (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

14th Jun - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//

1st Jun - London (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

25th May - Cambridge (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

18th May - Ceilidh Club, Queens Gate House, London //Sold Out//

11th May - Coventry (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

4th May - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//

27th Apr - Haslemere (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

20th Apr - Milton Keynes (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

13th Apr - Ceilidh Club, Queens Gate House, London //Sold Out//

12th Apr - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//

6th Apr - Cambridge (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

30th Mar - Richmond (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

23rd Mar - Ceilidh Club, Queens Gate House, London //Sold Out//

17th Mar - Marlow (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

9th Mar - Royston (PRIVATE FUNCTION)

8th Mar - Ceilidh Club, Cecil Sharp House, London //Sold Out//

2nd Mar - Elstead (PRIVATE FUNCTION)



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